Individual Therapy

Couples or Marital Therapy (Recommended 80 min Session)

Adolescent + Parent Therapy (Recommended 80-110 min Session)

Group Therapy


Pastoral Consultations

If life has become overwhelming and you feel that you need help, I'm here for you.  

Our work together could bring you freedom from the problems that keep you stuck.


Psychotherapy is a place for you to feel safe and connected. You can say anything you need to, with a person who accepts you and is trained to problem solve when needed. I am here to be with you as you process needs and fears in your relationships.  As collaborators, we'll tackle those barriers that interfere with your life goals. 


I invite you to be yourself, and guide and reflect on our therapy process so that it addresses your needs the best way.  Whether you need more direct problem solving or more "processing" time (someone to hear you out), we can figure it out together.


Individual Treatment

Couples' Treatment

(50- or -90 Minute Session)  

As a couples therapist, I focus our sessions on the health and growth of your relationship.  Growing the "friendship" part of your relationship builds a foundation of improved romantic connection and partnership in all areas of your shared life.  


I have special training through the Gottman Institute to build a healthy relationship foundation and identify those behaviors and ways of interacting with your partner that interfere with feelings of safety and connection in your relationship.


If you want to improve your marriage, but your spouse or partner isn't willing to participate in counseling, contact me anyway!  We can address a lot of needs and begin the process of healing. 

Family Treatment: Adolescents + Parents

(80- to 100-Minute Session)

The best way to gain help for an adolescent to is to provide a therapeutic environment where both a teenager and a parent feel support and can move towards a goal of peace and growth in the family.  


I provide an 80-minute joint session with an adolescent and parents in order to spend time with each family member and provide an opportunity to support the family, separately or together.   Depending on your family needs, and the plan for that week, we'll meet for 40 minutes each, or provide more time to the family member in need.  Or, if needed, we'll spend time working together with adolescents and parents to improve the relationship. 


Adolescents need to feel heard, supported, and need time to develop trust with a therapist.  Our work will both help your adolescent to engage in family life, and to work towards their goal of being independent and self-sufficient in the next 5-10 years. 



Workshops are provided for groups that want to learn in a community-based setting.  Churches, community centers, youth groups, or 12-step programs can request a specific topic, or can choose from these specialties: 


  • Partners of Sex Addiction and/or Betrayal from a Trauma Perspective

  • Grief and Loss

  • Adolescent/Parent Relationships

  • Marriage Relationships 

  • Anxiety and/or Depression from a Biblical Perspective


Email me at or call at (562) 888-1368 to discuss your specific group's need.  I will submit an outline of your chosen topic to be approved by the Pastor or group leader prior to the workshop. 

Out-of-Network Insurance Reimbursement Options Available.  

For clients with PPO Insurance, a reimbursement form will be provided to submit to insurance companies.  Please check with your insurance provider to ensure that this is possible.